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Oh baby!  Dress your little one in head-to-toe sustainable bamboo and organic cotton baby wear. Cuddle the day away in our super soft jammies and travel to far off places with our baby-friendly travel books-all in the comfort of your home! Looking for cute little stuffed friends? We've got those too!



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Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm
High-performance healing balm that combats dry, irritated skin & sympTOMS of eczema for all ages. Nourishes, soothes, and protects dry patches, cracked nails & rough cuticles, stretch marks, softening of scars, chapped lips & cracked heels & elbows. -Made without...
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Knight in Armor Body Oil
Hydrates naturally and protects the skin against harsh elements. A nutrient rich oil blend that is ideal for massage and leaves the skin baby soft -Made without toxins-Pediatrician approved-Vegan 4oz Key Ingredients:Goji BerryAncient tales tell of goji berries being used...
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Get-a-Grip Detangler
Natural, premium conditioning detangler for kids. Add and seal in moisture while preventing fly-aways and frizz. A daily go-to for knot-free hair and a flawless, silky finish. -Made without toxins-Pediatrician approved-Vegan 8oz Key Ingredients:Calendula FlowerAlso known as marigold, this flower...
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Poppin' Bubbles Bubble Herbal Soak
A gentle, herbal and fragrance-free bubble bath that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. PH balanced and irritant free. -Made without toxins-Pediatrician approved-Vegan 8oz Key Ingredients:PoriaA subterranean mushroom that grows around red pine tree roots, this mushroom lifts the...
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Combat-Ready Balm For Babies + Kids


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Natural skin cream that quickly soothes diaper rash, eczema, bug bites, beach burn, forest scratches, dry skin, grass itchies, princess pin pricks and chapped cheeks. INGREDIENTS: distilled water, apricot kernel oil*, virgin coconut oil*, beeswax**, chamomile tea*, fish oil**, french...
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