Everyone loves a good leather bag, it’s like a fine wine... ages and gets better with time! 



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Lip Sh*t: Sweet Tea Raspberry
It's so nice that these bunnies buddies have taken a moment out of their busy bunny lives to sit and spend a little quality time together, isn't it? Flavored with sweet tea and raspberry. .3 oz./8.5 g
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Lip Sh*t: Orange Mango
I've never really understood the whole strapless bathing suit thing, but this merlady is really rocking the look. Maybe it's her accessories? Flavored with orange and mango. .3 oz./8.5 g
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Lip Sh*t: Black Cherry Papaya
I was hitchhiking on the Amalfi coast when I noticed a convertible buggy barreling up the hillside. At the wheel was a fashionable pup, green scarf snapping in the wind. Did he stop to pick me up? No. Did he...
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Lip Sh*t: Watermelon Tangerine
You might not think an old-fashioned soda fountain would be welcoming to the likes of a pink octopus with long lashes. But this was a very progressive soda fountain. Flavored with watermelon and tangerine. .3 oz./8.5 g
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Lip Sh*t: Pineapple Brown Sugar
Have you ever seen a cuter little kitty eating an ice cream cone on the top of a tin of high-quality, super-moisturizing lip balm? Me either. Flavored with yumtastic pineapple and brown sugar. .3 oz./8.5 g
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